Lazy day braids

Lazy day braids

Lets be honest, we are all looking for a way to look cool while being lazy. Our hair is often what gives away the fact that we didn’t try when we got ready in the morning. The solution is as old as time, and as simple as putting on pants… it’s a braid.

Alexander Wang - Backstage - Spring 2010 MBFW

Forget about the curling iron, straighter or any other gadget you have collected… but just dry shampoo those dirty locks and braid them. Speaking of dry shampoo, we have some amazing stuff by VERB that will do the trick every time, I know this because I’ve tested it!


A side braid is simple and can easily go with your favorite hat, but if you are looking to be pretend fancy, a braided crown in the way to go. It’s as simple as braiding two pigtails and then pining them across your head. With almost no effort you look like a renaissance princess.


We are also bringing back the traditional pigtails. You’ve seen them on little kids, and Brittany Spears, but these are new and improved for the grown woman. Split your hair down the middle and loosely braid  each side, maybe even letting a layer fall out and be pinned. If you’re struggling to braid it loosely, you can also do a regular braid and pull it apart. Again, this style works well with a hat!


This last one can be done all sorts of ways. Two little braids attached in the back, the top of your hair french braided back, pinned in the back or tied with an elastic… up to you. Its a fun and simple way to wear your hair down, but still have something interesting going on!

Rock on all my fellow lazy ladies. May braids and dry shampoo continue to save us!