Creative Discovery Museum

Creative Discovery Museum is an educational and interactive museum for children that captures the imagination of kids with exciting hands-on exhibits. From dinosaurs to space exploration, young minds will explore a diverse array of topics in a fun and unique ways. Our museum offers plenty of activities that facilitate learning through play, such as our life-sized dinosaur dig, simulated space mission, engineering challenges, and art activities. With stimulating and educational exhibits, the Creative Discovery Museum is a great way for kids to expand their knowledge in an exciting and engaging manner.  Our museum also offers special events, such as after-hours sleepovers and summer camps. These programs provide children with additional learning opportunities that they can enjoy with family or friends in our safe and friendly environment. We strive to create a fun, educational experience for all who visit our museum and are committed to inspiring curiosity and creativity in young minds.  Visit us today and explore the world of possibility at the Creative Discovery Museum! Refer to This Page Chattanooga.

No matter your age, Creative Discovery Museum offers something for everyone. Our museum features permanent and rotating exhibits that explore science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), the arts, and history. We also have special programs to stimulate minds of all ages with workshops and educational seminars on topics ranging from robotics to artistry. Our KidzLab, a child-friendly laboratory for ages 5-12, inspires innovation and problem-solving. And our hands-on interactive exhibits allow kids to explore their creativity in exciting and engaging ways. No matter your interests or age group, Creative Discovery Museum has something to offer everyone! Check Out This Info.