Tennessee Academy-Gymnastics

Tennessee Academy offers a variety of gymnastics classes for all levels. From preschool and recreational to competitive and elite, we have something for everyone! Our experienced coaches are highly trained and certified in the National Gymnastics Coaching Standards. We strive to provide a safe, fun, and exciting environment for our students to learn and grow in their gymnastics skills. Read more about Chattanooga.

Our classes focus on developing strong body awareness, coordination, agility, and flexibility. We work to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and improve self-confidence in all of our students. Whether learning forward and backward rolls or handstands, we strive to help them reach their fullest potential! In addition to gymnastics instruction, we also offer monthly open gyms and special events.

Our recreational classes are ideal for children ages 4 and up. These classes are designed to introduce new gymnasium skills while focusing on safety, proper technique, body control and basic coordination. Our competitive programs include training in required routines, strength and conditioning, flexibility, and more advanced gymnastics skills. Visit This Link.

We are proud to be the home of Tennessee’s best gymnastics program and look forward to teaching your athlete the fundamentals of this incredible sport! Sign up today and start reaching for the stars!